New York.


Moreworldpeace - Spring Mist Brings Summer Heat


Spring is here, but in New York summertime is all we truly crave for. Bay Area native Moreworldpeace dropped a mix that captures the essence of those forthcoming hot nights perfectly, and got us super hyped to have him spin our summer kick-off event event on June 1st!

Here’s what he had to say about this latest drop: “This mix was recorded during a live set at the Silver Factory in Brooklyn, NY. I titled this mix based on how I was feeling that late night in May. It was Spring and this night happened to misty and muggy, you know, some New York shit. I knew that spring mist would bring summer heat and bloom flowers with the energy from those elements. “

Stream the mix now and give him a follow on IG to keep up with his hilariously candid stories, and upcoming releases.

Daniel Bonilla